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Pokemon Developer Hiring for a Console Game - IGN

by Joe Skrebels The developer of the mainline Pokemon series, Game Freak has released several recruitment adverts for a console game, described as a globally popular RPG.
advertisement Reported by Siliconera (and corroborated by our own translation), an advert for a 3D CG designer calls for someone to work on "characters, monsters and items" for "a title that everyone knows". The advert specifically says that this this is a console title. while a second job listing (for a character model creator) specifies someone with experience of creating models up to "Wii U / PS Vita-level". While the adverts don't mention Pokemon or Nintendo Switch by name, it seems a good fit. In the run-up to the release of Switch, the Pokemon Company CEO said that it would be publishing games for Nintendo's new console. Multiple reports have said that a Pokemon game would be coming to Switch within its first year, with some leaks suggesting it would be an upgraded version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, entitled Pokemon Stars. If this does turn out to be a new Sun/Moon version, it would be the first mainline Pokemon game to come to a console designed (at least in part) for play in a TV set-up.
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