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Time for another game review! Today I will be reviewing Logging Quest 2: Faraway Adventures for Android. 

Logging Quest 2: Faraway Adventures was developed by Shiromakaba724 and is free to play, but you do have to deal with ads. 

I will be reviewing the game on how enjoyable and easy it is to play the game, the art, and the characters featured in the game.

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Fun- 3.0

Meanwhile, inside your phone.....

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Example of your heroes’ adventure being logged. Tapping on an event will open up the details about the event, for example the battle log shown on right. Note the semi real-time nature of the logs.

Logging Quest 2 resembles the famous Football Manager in its core gameplay. The player creates characters, sets their skills, equipment, and tactics, and sends them off to an adventure during which the player has no control over the game. The adventure undertaken by the heroes are logged – hence the name “Logging” Quest.

How will your party fight?

Much like Football Manager, being unable to control your characters during the battle/match do not take away the fun. Instead, because there are so many different variables to consider, it provokes the player to anticipate battles and carefully prepare for them. When you see the tactics you’ve designed play out as intended, it can be as fun and exciting as other games with better visuals and a faster pace.

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For those who enjoy setting up some very complicated tactics, the option of advanced settings enables the player to micromanage the party’s adventure. The player may check if the advanced tactics are working correctly, by looking for actions during battle that are marked with a star (★) at the beginning.

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Overall, Logging Quest 2 provides its own breed of fun. Thoughtful design, reasonable balance and ample room for experiment will give you hours of gentle, leisurely fun.

Can thousand words be better than a picture?

Unfortunately, being a text-centered game, Logging Quest 2 does not provide much thrill or excitement. If you’re expecting to spend more than 10 minutes in a single sitting “playing” Logging Quest 2, you’ll quickly find yourself losing patience. This is why Logging Quest 2 scores only three stars in “Fun” category, although the game design was greatly appreciated. The unique game design of Logging Quest 2 will be covered in detail at the “Character” category.

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Art- 2.5

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Not much can be said about art, since Logging Quest 2 is a mostly text-based game. However, the bare necessities are still there, for example icons for weapons, events, and tiny pictures of the enemies. Sound also does not exist, but it really does not matter, as Logging Quest 2 is a text-based idle RPG.

You do however have "character customization",

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Also, for those who are into customization and imagining creative backstories, Logging Quest 2 does provide an option for uploading your own image to create a character. It was a nice room for creativity that was left open which I appreciated.

Overall, judging Logging Quest 2 for its artistic representations would be a mistreatment. It surely does not impress anyone with its visuals, but neither disappoints. The focus of the game is on the mechanics, not the visuals nor the audio.

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Logging Quest 2 defines itself as an “idle game”, a term that is generally used to describe games that do not require any control.

Below is an example of an actual "idle RPG", Automatic RPG from R.O. App:

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As a laid back gamer, I initially loved the concept of an idle RPG. I can be playing games at any time, anywhere! However, most idle RPGs tend to lose its charm very quickly, mainly for three reasons:

1. Gets repetitive – there’s only so much variation you can give to a game that progresses by itself. The parameters of your hero, such as HP, damage, and etc., will increase substantially, but at its core the gameplay will be the same stuff over and over.

2. Distracting – the concept of an idle RPG is exciting, because it allows you to play games while allowing you to do other stuff. However, rapidly moving characters, flashy effects and sounds tend to be very noticable, and when you do realize you’re actively playing (by which I mean watching) the game, you also realize that you would rather be playing more engaging games.

3. In-game purchases – after a while, you feel the urge to skip all the boring parts. Well, here comes a solution: pay your way ahead! Not surprisingly, most idle RPGs are designed around the intention of inducing in-game purchases. The cash-boosted battles are exciting, until… it becomes repetitive again. That is when you realize that you’ve thrown away cash for a game that you don’t even enjoy.

A True idle RPG​

Logging Quest 2, however, is something that truly deserves the name “idle RPG”. Not only are your heroes exploring the dungeon without your input, but even when the game is not on – once you send your heroes on an adventure, you exit out of the game, and forget about it! Your heroes will continue to explore the dungeon and battle monsters, while you work, sleep, or even talk on the very phone that is running the game. When they return from their adventures, the game will notify you so you can assess their performance, check the loots, and prepare for the next adventure.

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The straightforward design of Logging Quest 2 makes it perfectly clear that this is a game made for casual gamers who cannot afford much time or money into playing games. It does not offer any in-app purchases (albeit a small ad at the top of the game screen), and there is even an extremely helpful guide that is directly provided by the developer if necessary.

The feeling that your party of heroes are exploring the dungeon as you are doing something else creates a parallel universe-ish feeling, much like Lifeline by 3 Minute Games.

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However, while Lifeline takes a story-based approach and feels basically like an interactive narrative, Logging Quest 2 takes the exploratory approach and gives player the joy of making choices. For a developer that obviously looks like a low-budget, or even a single-man team, Logging Quest delivers surprising amount of content, with no demand for payment. I would say the game definitely has a strong character to it that cannot be found in other games.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer


Perfect for feeding yourself small distractions

Every now and then, Logging Quest 2 will take you out from your busy life, ask you to spend just minutes of your attention to make decisions for your heroes, and let you go back into your life without further nagging. If you want, you can spend hours analyzing the fighting patterns of your heroes and try to optimize your tactics. If not, just send them back to the same dungeon they came back from, and forget about it for the next couple of hours.

I would strongly recommend Logging Quest 2 to anyone who has a heart of a gamer, but can find very little time to pursue that passion. Unlike many other mobile games out there, Logging Quest 2 is a true “idle RPG” that demands very little of your resources but still provides you the fun of playing games. LBG

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

Fun: 3.0 / Art: 2.5 / Character: 4.0

Have you played Logging Quest 2? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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