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Former UFC fighter War Machine found guilty on 29 of 34 charges, could face life in prison | FOX Sports

Former UFC fighter War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver, was found guilty on more than two-dozen charges in connection with an assault on his ex-girlfriend Christy Mackinday and her friend stemming from his arrest in 2014.
The 12-person jury delivered the verdict in Las Vegas on Monday after less than two days of deliberation. Two charges of attempted murder left the jury hung after deliberation and the judge in the case declared a mistrial on both counts. War Machine was found guilty on a total of 29 out of 34 felony charges. War Machine was convicted on numerous charges including sexual assault, kidnapping, coercion and battery. The former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor could be sent to life without the possibility of parole as a result of the conviction. As the verdict was read, War Machine was seen shaking his head in the courtroom. The incident occurred in 2014 when War Machine broke into his ex-girlfriend Christy Mackinday’s house and assaulted her and her friend Corey Thomas.
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