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Incredible video shows rock python devouring a hyena

An amazing video shows an African rock python devouring a hyena at a wildlife reserve in Africa.
The stomach-churning encounter was caught on tape near the side of the road at Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. STRANGE BIRDS: VIDEO OF TURKEYS CREEPILY CIRCLING A DEAD CAT GOES VIRAL The video is the first ever to show a rock python swallowing a hyena whole, according to National Geographic. The fact that the 13-foot-long python was able to take down a 150-pound hyena, is a testament to the snake’s hunting ability, it added. “This individual was likely ambushed and strangled to death as he or she wandered through the swampy culvert or neighboring drainage pipes looking for a cool place to sack out for the afternoon, as hyenas are wont to do,” wrote Michael Kowalski, a research assistant at the Masai Mara’s Fisi Camp, in a blog post. “Nevertheless, it is an incredibly impressive kill for this python.” INCREDIBLE DRONE FOOTAGE SHOWS KILLER WHALES EATING A LIVING SHARK Kowalski located the python after its gigantic meal. The snake, as its name suggests, resembled “a gigantic rock submerged in a swamp.”
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