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The Main Takeaways From A Clunker Episode Of 'The Walking Dead'

AMC This week’s episode of The Walking Dead represents the season’s calm before the storm, although it might have been too calm for many fans of the series after the increased intensity of the last five episodes, especially following the best episode of the season, which saw Morgan strangle Richard to death and Carol return to the murderin’ fold.
“The Other Side,” a shrug emoji of an episode, sees Sasha and Rosita — at odds since the death of Abraham — take advantage of the Saviors arrival at The Hilltop to execute their hastily arranged plan to break away from Rick’s growing alliance, go rogue, and take out Negan on their own. After a humdrum series of walkers, malfunctioning cars, and other obstacles, Sasha eventually gets as far as the inside of the Sanctuary’s gate, while Rosita has to turn back after Sasha inexplicably prevents her from joining in her martyrdom. I have no idea why the two didn’t just wait in the building across the way for a few more hours or even days for another opportunity to take Negan out with a sniper rifle from a far enough distance to escape. Was that not the reason the series has been playing up Sasha’s sniper rifle skills for two years? The two seem hellbent on a suicide mission where the suicide seems completely unnecessary. At any rate, en route to the Sanctuary, Rosita and Sasha also mended fences. Rosita swallowed her pride and admitted she was hurt by Abraham’s decision to leave her for the more independent Sasha.
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