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Want the best Galaxy icons on your S8? Try these icon packs!

The icons on the Galaxy S8 are unique… and really mismatched.
The squircle icons with the incomplete wireframe logos are very interesting, and there is a very real appeal to that look… but it doesn't cover all of the apps that come on the Samsung Galaxy S8 — it doesn't even cover all the Samsung apps on the Galaxy S8 — and it covers none of the apps that come from Google Play or Samsung Apps. That's a bummer, but never fear! Icon packs are here, and just as icon pack developers have put out "tribute" packs for every previous Samsung flagship, they have taken the new Samsung icon style to its logical extension. These are the ones that do it best. We'll begin with the hand-down winner among the S8 icon packs, which is aptly named S_Eight. This pack by Tha PHLASH applies the wire outline to each of the icons in the pack before shoving them all into squircles. Most of these icons are excellent — there are a few misses with the outlines chosen for busy icons, but for the most part the outlines fit the style well and are easy to recognize.
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