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With the possibility of Apple Watch ‘smart straps,’ which interests you most? [Poll]

The idea of a ‘smart straps’ platform for Apple Watch has been floating around for a while now.
It’s something that other smartwatch makers have done and Apple itself has explored in patents. And this month there have been a few hints that make the prospect of smart bands a little more exciting with multiple reports saying Apple has been working on and testing blood sugar tracking technology for diabetes treatment… The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac Earlier this week a report that Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted testing glucose monitors attached to his Apple Watch followed several others that Apple is actively developing such technology for the device. One of those reports also claimed Apple was working on interchangeable smart straps, which it speculated could mean glucose monitoring would be offered as an attachment. But beyond recent reports, Apple itself has a number of patents for health sensors, cameras, batteries and more being incorporated into the Apple Watch bracelet links and bands. It’s definitely something the company has at the very least considered. Not everyone is for the idea of smart straps, however. Some might question whether or not a ‘smart bands’ platform is the right way to go.
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