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Two platforms, one house: Choosing between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

I have a Google Home and Amazon Dot in my house, and their core differences are making it difficult to choose between a connected ecosystem.
I live in a multi-platform household. It's incredibly jarring at times, particularly when I find myself unable to choose between platforms. Do I stick to Google and its Assistant, because my devices are all Google-born and tied to the search engine's services? Or do I finally decide to make full use of my annual subscription to Amazon Prime? This is the conundrum I face. I'm not just talking about connected speakers here: When you're choosing between a Google device and an Amazon product, you're choosing between two vastly different, robust ecosystems. Just as Google has its AI-driven assistant, Chromecast and Android TV platform, and a variety of integrated third-party services, so does Amazon offer its connected gadgets and library of content for anyone who is also excited by the idea of free two-day shipping.
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