martin.kuhn - 8 days ago

I hope the next iPhone actually comes in this ugly pinkish bronze

We're about a month away from new iPhones being unveiled, and that means all kinds of mock-ups and dummy models and supposed part leaks have been coming out.
And one kind of odd thing that's popped up several times over the last week has been a new iPhone color: it's somewhere between orange and bronze and pink; it's objectively pretty ugly; and I think I really love it. Supposedly, this year's iPhones will only come in three colors — and one of them won't be rose gold. It's safe to assume the first two colors are black and white, and it seems very possible that Apple would make the third into yet another pinkish, goldish shade (even if it doesn't actually look all that gold). The last gold and rose gold models were pretty popular, after all. Now, there's absolutely no firm evidence yet that this bronze-ish option is actually coming to the iPhone. And if it is, there's a very good chance it'll look much better on finished models than it does on these fake ones. I think the video above shows the best-looking version of it yet.
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