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'It's a game changer': the new iPhone has marketers bullish on augmented reality

Gabor Balogh Marketers are bullish on augmented reality, with both Apple and Google embracing it.
Lowe's, Ikea and Cambria are a few brands already toying with their own apps. Brands expect AR to take off because it has a lower barrier to entry and can be scaled easily. Apple CEO Tim Cook is not the only one that's bullish on augmented reality. Marketers are suddenly dreaming big about AR. Apple is all set to roll out iOS 11 next week, which among other things, will enable the iPhone's camera to integrate graphics into the real world. And several major brands, including Lowe's, Ikea and Cambria will quickly follow suit with their own ARKit apps. "It's a game changer," Aaron Shapiro, CEO at Huge, told Business Insider.
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