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There's nothing fab about a phablet TV remote

What are the odds of buying a Vizio SmartCast TV but not owning a smartphone?
I ask, because the last thing I need is a publicly available tablet in my living room. Once upon a time the idea of a television relying on Google's Chromecast for content and shipping with a 6-inch Android remote might have excited me. Because for the most part television manufacturers have tried too hard to be UX designers an ended up making TVs that send me running for a set-top box as quickly as possible. But Chromecast and Android? I love those things. So when Vizio said "Hey, we want to send you this TV — the M50-D1 ..." my ears perked up. (For the record: This is a loaner they sent for review, review it I did, and now I'll have to figure out what to do with it.)
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