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Why Julie Klausner Devoted An Episode Of Her TV Show To Mocking Woody Allen

“Am I wrong in thinking Elle Fanning is Dakota’s younger sister?”
Julie Klausner asks. We’re discussing fresh news about the actress with the equally famous sibling: she’s just signed on to co-star in Woody Allen’s next film. Klausner is not wrong. At 19, Elle is younger by four years. advertisement “Dakota must have aged out of the casting pool for Woody,” she says, dryly. Julie Klausner has no illusions about whether she—the thirtysomething creator and star of Hulu’s acid-hot comedy, Difficult People—would herself be eligible for a Woody Allen role. Even if the iconic, problematic filmmaker was enchanted by Klausner’s visage or vibe, it’s unlikely he’d ever audition now.
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