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Equifax CEO will testify before the House on October 3

It's not just the 'Big 3' — There are hundreds of credit reporting firms Also Wednesday, Rhode Island said it would join a multi-state probe.
Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen said last week that he was working with colleagues in Pennsylvania and Illinois to open a formal probe of the hack, which Equifax discovered in July but did not disclose until September. It was not immediately known how many states were in the group looking at the hack, which has spawned multiple calls for federal investigations. Equifax shares slid for a fourth day on Wednesday, falling another 14.6 percent to break below $100 for the first time since February 2016, closing at $98.99. The yields on Equifax's bonds have risen since it revealed the massive data breach last week. The bonds were up 3 basis points from Tuesday's close, and up 57 basis points since last Thursday's close. The company had $2.67 billion of long and short-term debt outstanding at the end of 2016. Amid disclosures of data breaches at a broad array of companies and government agencies in recent years, the Equifax hack stands out.
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