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NASA will stream video during Cassini's death plunge — and you can watch it live on YouTube

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI If you could magically teleport across the solar system, Saturn would be a great place to swing by on Friday morning.
Hovering above the ringed planet's surface, you'd see something amazing. Just after 6:32 a.m. EDT, a bus-size object will scream over the cloud tops, burst into millions of pieces, and glow like a meteor. But this meteor isn't a rock: It's NASA's nuclear-powered Cassini spacecraft plunging to its doom. There's little chance telescopes will see the 20-year, $3.26-billion mission come to an end. However, NASA TV is broadcasting live online video of the final stages of Cassini's "Grand Finale," the moment its last stream of data comes in, and - by extension - confirmation that it's died. (You can watch via YouTube or Ustream at the end of this post.) Why scientists are killing Cassini NASA launched Cassini toward Saturn in 1997.
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