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The director of Ingrid Goes West on taking inspiration from Instagram influencers and The Talented Mr. Ripley

Matt Spicer’s new film Ingrid Goes West is the warmest, most interesting movie I’ve ever seen about a cellphone.
Aubrey Plaza stars as Ingrid, an unmoored young woman left with no friends or close family after her mother’s slow, painful death. She’s made a habit of turning to her phone for companionship and guidance. With a pile of life insurance money waiting to be spent, she decides the best way to find herself is to make the same dramatic life decision as generations of young Americans, and head west. The Gen-Y twist is that her manifest destiny isn’t just the beaches and palm trees. She’s desperate to form a friendship with her favorite Instagram influencer (Elizabeth Olsen), who she initially bewitches by stealing her dog, then “finding” and returning it. heading west is a self-reinvention story as old as america (As if to emphasize just how eerily accurate the film is, Olsen recently gave an interview in which she said she joined Instagram just to capitalize on the “opportunity” for sponsored content and brand ambassadorship.) It would have been all too easy for this movie to turn into a cheap parody of social media culture, and an unfair, unsympathetic portrait of a young woman with material obsessions and no moral code.
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