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Apple allegedly retaining deleted iCloud notes past the 30-day grace period

Russian software company ElcomSoft has made headlines in the past for making discoveries related to how Apple handles cloud data.
Now, the company claims that Apple is holding onto deleted notes well past the thirty-day grace period during which they’re kept in the “Recently Deleted” folder… Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover In a blog post, the company explains that using a version of its Phone Breaker tool, it extracted notes that were outside of the thirty-day grace period. ElcomSoft writes that its tool extracted nearly 50 notes that had been deleted by the user over a month ago. In fact, the oldest note it was able to retrieve was from 2012. What this means is that Apple is holding on to deleted notes for much longer than it should be and it’s unclear why. ElcomSoft notes that the results vary on an account-by-account basis, with some accounts returning a large number of deleted notes, while others return fewer. The company says that in order to know the full breadth of this issue, it needs a larger test base. We discovered that Apple apparently retains in the cloud copies of the users’ notes that were deleted by the user.
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