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Did Apple’s demo of Face ID convince you that it’s a worthy Touch ID replacement? [Poll]

One of the most pressing questions about the iPhone X in the lead up to its announcement was whether Face ID would be a worthy replacement for Touch ID.
The switch to an all-screen design means that Apple has dropped the Home button – and right along with it, Touch ID. Apple yesterday demoed Face ID for the first time and we’re curious, were you impressed by the demo? Do you see Face ID as worthy replacement for Touch ID? Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover Apple’s Face ID showcase didn’t go off without a hitch. As soon as Craig Federighi picked up the demo iPhone X and went to unlock it with Face ID, the feature seemingly didn’t work and iOS presented a “passcode required.” This “failure,” however, should be taken with a grain of salt. What seems to have happened is the iPhone X rebooted at some point while it was sitting on the demo table, and as we all know, iOS requires a passcode after every reboot.
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