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Miss Beelzebub? Check Out This New Manga

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Do you remember Beelzebub? Not the Lord of Flies, but the manga. 

Graced upon us by Ryūhei Tamura, Beelzebub ran for about 6 years before being surprisingly ended in its 28th volume. I remember it as being one of the funniest, most original, and most blunt manga I have ever read. I was heartbroken by its sudden ending, literally distraught that I wouldn’t be able to laugh and marvel at the characters’ antics anymore. 

Then, while browsing the manga subreddit one day, I saw an announcement of a new manga by the author of Beelzebub. As always happens, I was both excited and terrified by the news that a favorite author of mine has released new work. 

Excited by the possibilities that this wonderful news presented, and terrified that I might be disappointed twice over by the same man. I clicked the link, read the first chapter and…I was intrigued. 

To say I was immediately won over by this new manga, Hungry Marie, would be exaggerating. Yes, the author decided to reuse his characters from Beelzebub (visually, the personalities seem very different yet still…reminiscent), yet they feel fresh. Personally, I wasn’t finished watching the characters from Beelzebub get into crazy situations, so I’m happy with this decision. 

The manga has a similar air to that of its predecessor, funny and whimsical with hints of exaggerated seriousness, and stays completely distinct. Hungry Marie is a combination body swap and possession story. 

*LIGHT SPOILERS* See, the main character Taiga, a young high schooler, has a crush on his neighbor Anna. After a series of events, in which Anna’s family tries to resurrect a centuries-old ghost of a French princess, they succeed. 

The princess, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, is reincarnated... into Taiga’s body. One would think this means that the two might randomly or circumstantially switch places between the body of Taiga and the body of Charlotte, which they do. 

However, with Tamura’s wonderful twists, there is a slight change. When hungry, Marie appears in Taiga’s body. When her hunger is satiated, Taiga reappears IN CHARLOTTE’S BODY. Now this young man, on the cusp of his maturity, must deal with living in a French princess’s body, as the princess bursts out whenever hungry, causing all sorts of mayhem. 

After a few chapters, the tone shifts and the real story begins, but if this is anything like Beelzebub, I can’t wait to see a wonderful story intermingled with these hilarious circumstances. Hungry Marie leaves me wanting more, and I can’t wait to follow this manga as closely as I did Beelzebub.

Have you had a chance to read Hungry Marie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Sasha's given name is actually Aleksander. His main interests are gaming, manga, anime, cooking, and Japanese pop culture. He's a Psychology major and English minor and head of the largest Sci-Fi/Anime club at Queens College. He's been writing semi-regularly since the age of 13 and can't wait to write more.
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