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Matt Ryan Puts Blame On Kyle Shanahan in Recent Super Bowl Confession

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There are only a handful of Super Bowls that are still talked about long after the winner has been crowned, and Super Bowl 51 is one of them.

One person that probably never wants to speak of the tough loss, is Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan.

Can you blame him though? After being unstoppable for the first three quarters and then losing it all, I would not even want to hear the phrases "Super Bowl" and "51" in the same sentence.

However, it looks like Ryan is not out of the clear yet, and is even ready to make a few confessions about that unforgettable game.

The Falcons QB spoke to Atlanta-Journal Constitution last Tuesday before appearing at a celebrity golf tournament, and even had a few digs to throw. (Especially at former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.)

One of the shadiest digs being thrown? That Ryan couldn't audible for most of the game.

"Ryan wouldn't point any fingers at former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan for his play-calling. 

He contended that once the play is called it's on the players to execute it. He said he couldn't audible, in part, because of the personnel grouping."

Now is he directly calling out Shanahan? No. But he is basically calling out the personnel grouping, which is obviously a direct result of Shanahan's play-calling.

I guess Ryan needed to confirm how badly Shanahan messed up, because he revealed that he watched the tapes immediately after the loss, which is something most players can't handle. 

Ryan has already began to get the team together, with high hopes to come back stronger than ever this season.

Do you think Ryan will be able to bring the team together after that huge loss? Let us know in the comments down below.

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