How Kevin Durant Killed Basketball

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In the 2016 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors won 73 games, which is now the most winning regular season in NBA history. They also had the first unanimous MVP on their team. However, they lost to the Cavaliers in the 4th game of the finals in the first ever comeback from 3-1. 

Despite being only 1 game away from a Championship, they successfully pulled off what I think will be one the biggest signings in NBA history: adding 8x Allstar, 2x Olympic gold winner, MVP Kevin Durant. Two nights ago, they won the 2017 NBA championship 4 games to 1.

Some say they have no problem with Durant joining another team. He is a free agent after all and can do whatever he wants. Some people had no problem with him joining another team as long as it wasn't the Warriors or the Cavs. 

But despite what people said, Durant joined the team that was one victory away from winning in 2016 with the unanimous MVP Steph Curry, 2x NBA All Defensive First team Draymond Green and 3x NBA Allstar Klay Thompson on it.

The GS Warriors set an NBA playoff record in 2017 going 12-1. They only lost to a Cavs team in game 4 of the finals, who broke 4 records themselves in the first half to keep up with the Warriors. 

As a Knicks fan, I have experienced a playoff drought since 2012, and haven’t had a championship since the 72’ season. With the Knicks not looking like they will make another playoff appearance for 10 years, the two superteams are not making it any easier for other teams. 

At this point in time, I feel like a winning season would be a win for the Knicks. The Knicks can’t even make the playoffs. so forget about them and let’s worry about the playoff ready teams right now. 

The Los Angeles Clippers, the Toronto Raptors, the Houston Rockets, the Boston Celtics, the Washington Wizards, the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks, the Trail Blazers, the Oklahoma City Thunder and maybe a few others. 

There are quality players on all these teams that deserve a ring; such as Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Paul George, John Wall and DeAndre Jordan.

The East might be an easier path to get to the Finals, but it is still not a gimmie, especially if the Cavs add another Allstar to their team in the summer. These playoff teams are not super teams in any means, but they all have at least 1 player who deserve to at least compete for a championship. 

As most players say, they don’t care about the awards, the records, the Allstar game, or the Dunk contest, they only care about getting a ring. Some players do want more money instead of a better possibility of winning, and they are an exception, but most great players want to win more than anything else. 

I feel for these players and want them to get a ring. Watching the same teams compete is boring and there is no good story line.

Kevin Durant's decision ruined all hope for any of these players to make the finals, and with what we saw this season, even win a playoff game against GS. As a Knicks fan I just want to watch good playoff basketball. I want to be entertained and if the same two teams make the finals in 2018, I will not be tuning in.

Will you be tuning in next season if the Cavs and Warriors make the playoffs again? Let me know in the comments.

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