Tips For Leveling Your Assault Class Faster

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After thousands of deaths and hundreds of hours played, I’ve started to get halfway decent in this game. 

Through trial and error, I’ve found that these are some of the best tips for maximizing your score and for leveling your assault class faster. 

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll never be spawn camped again, I can guarantee that you’ll get that asshole back with a vengeance.

Let’s start with the first tip that applies to every class.

Know your class, play your class. Too often, I see my friends playing sniper with an SMG. You have to play to the strengths of your specific class and you will excel. That being said, let’s go over the Assault class.

Assault class is the primary class to deal with land vehicles and infantry. It trends towards a CQC type of class with SMGs and Shotguns as your primary weapons. That means your iron sights should be gathering dust when playing this class.

If there’s armor rolling up on your squad, man up and deal with the armor, you’re the only one with AT mines and grenades. 

Your teammates will like you and your score will reflect your bravery.

Use your AT Gadgets. Before you die, you should always use up at least one of your AT gadgets. 

These bad boys will help you rack up points and will help your teammates. There’s nothing more disorienting than seeing one of these grenades blowing up in your face.

Gas grenades + a good shotgun = high scores. A strategy that has always worked for me. If you see enemies bunched together in a house, get ready to rack up some points. Get a gas grenade ready and fire it in there. The gas grenade should distract the enemies (and give you some good points) before you go in there with your shotgun and clean out the house with your handy dandy shotgun.

I wish you luck on the battlefield. May your K/D be high and your ping be low. Have any additional tips? Feel free to post them in the comments below!

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