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Mel Gibson’s Career Suicide to be Saved by DC’s Suicide Squad?

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In 2010 a recording of Mel Gibson giving an anti-Semitic rant was released to the public. Since then he has basically been black-listed from Hollywood, only making limited onscreen and off-screen appearances. However, after the success that came with Hacksaw Ridge (It is nominated for 6 Oscars) it appears Hollywood is warming up to the idea of allowing Mel’s return. 

This is why the rumor that he may be hired by DC to film the next Suicide Movie is so important. Previously, Mel Gibson has stated that he doesn’t like Marvel movies. He thinks they’re garbage. Despite this, the reason he may accept this job is obvious. This is his chance to return to the mainstream. 

If he gets hired by a big studio, it breaks the “rule” against hiring him, and now others may follow suit, especially if he’s successful in what he sees as a sure-fire-hit. Also, DC has been trying to give their stories more “emotional depth” than their marvel counterparts. So far DC has failed in the emotional depth department but they are trying nonetheless.

Warner Brother’s and DC also get a good deal out of this. Having Mel Gibson, a seasoned director, under their helm might do their movies some good. So far all we’ve seen is Zach Snyder on Superman and Batman. Seeing another more established director might bring more confidence to a failing cinematic universe. 

The controversy that exists around Mel Gibson may actually help the movie. Due in part to the outrage culture that exists, it’s a pretty good bet that he won’t be allowed to go to some interviews, and there will be a boycott of the film by a few angry people. This will cause an internet rage as free speech vs. “he’s an anti-Semite” rages on.

What this really ensures is that the movie is getting some free advertising, and stays in the public mind. WB also knows that no matter how bad the controversy would get; people would still come to see the move. The first Suicide Squad was very popular, and its sequel is almost guaranteed to be a hit no matter who directs it.

So now the most important question, what does this tell us about the next Suicide Squad movie? Mel Gibson isn’t exactly famous for his comedy films from the director’s chair. That being said, take a look at his Lethal Weapon series. The comedy in those movies came from two places: the genuine chemistry between the two main characters and the ridiculous solutions to realistic situations these characters would be in. 

These were the two main issues with Suicide Squad. Besides Harley and Deadshot there was no real chemistry between the cast and jokes felt forced in by the situation. I mean, why was a mentally ill clown with a bat the best person to use when rescuing someone from an alien invasion? If Mel Gibson does direct the next installment in the Suicide Squad franchise, I think we can expect a more grounded movie. One with less attempts at humor, which still gives us more laughs.

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