My Top 10 Female Marvel and DC Characters

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I love a good debate. And when it comes to Marvel and DC characters, there are always strong opinions.  I put together a list of my top 10 favorite characters based on their abilities, decision making skills, costumes and of course, badassery.  Do you agree with my list? Did I miss anyone?  Let me know in the comments. 

10. Wonder Woman: The Amazon princess, Diana Prince was first introduced in 1941. She's since blazed the way for other female comic book characters. She is the most compassionate hero in the Marvel and DC world.


9. Emma Frost: Emma has powerful telepathy and can turn her skin hard as diamonds. She doesn't take shit from anyone, which is why I admire this character so much.  

8. Starfire: She's an alien that absorbs solar energy through her skin and converts it into flight and energy blasts. She's a flirtatious character and loves to have fun. 

7. Shadowcat: We watched Kitty Pryde go from a young 13 year-old child to become one of the strongest and most badass X-women. She speaks several languages and is a ninja. 

6. Red Sonja: She's a sword expert and her fighting style can be compared to Wolverine. She wears a tiny bikini of armor mostly for distraction purposes. "Men don't even notice my sword... until their heads roll off their necks." 

5. Prestige: The daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey. She has telepathy and telekinesis. She's traveled from the future to join the X-Men to prevent the things she's had to endure. 

4. Magik: A demon sorceress and the sister of Colossus. Her skills include the ability to travel through time and space. Magik is a dark character, but if you're ever in need, she's the one to help. 

3. Storm: Storm controls the weather and was worshipped as a Goddess in her home town. She's tactical, a leader and kicks serious ass. She beat Cyclops in a hand to hand battle to become the leader of the X-Men. 

2. Harley Quinn: Her relationship with the Joker is unstable, just like her fragile mind. She's a bouncy gymnast with a twisted humor similar to that of Deadpool. She also has some healing abilities and is immune to toxins. 

1. Wolverine: When the male wolverine died two years ago, Laura Kinney put on Logan's costume and assumed the role. Laura's healing ability surpasses that of Logan and can grow back missing limbs. 

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