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NowThis Tries Hard to Steal Subscribers

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Credit: PBS Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for more YouTube drama. 

In late March, popular YouTube channel SourceFed and its spinoff channels were disbanded. SourceFed hosts and staff were fired, and the future of the channels were up in the air. 

As of May 4th, we now have a better idea of what's happening.

Popular spinoff channel SourceFedNerd has been rebranded as NowThisNerd. NowThis is a digital news company founded by a Huffington post co-founder. They are also co-owners of the media network Group Nine Media, which is responsible for the channels cancellations. 

The rebranding was conducted without consent or the knowledge of former hosts of the channel. This new channel has new hosts and a presumably new staff, but is keeping the original subscriber base while attempting to produce the exact same content as SourceFedNerd.

The entire SourceFed audience is outraged, and the NowThisNerd channel has lost almost 50,000 subscribers in the 24 hours since writing this article. Many fans and even some former SourceFed hosts have taken to Reddit and Twitter to voice their concerns on the matter.

Reina Scully, Maude Garrett, Meg Turney, and Steve Zaragoza, all former SourceFed and SourceFedNerd hosts, were just some of the few to voice their outrage. 

Credit: Twitter

What is even more shocking to me is that this is not the first time NowThis has done this type of tactic. Seeker Daily became the main youtube channel for NowThis when they took over their channel, and received similar reactions.

All in all as a former fan of SourceFed content, I can hardly stand to watch these new videos. Unfortunately I can’t voice my concerns publicly on the videos, as they are also removing negative comments from their comments section.

Credit: Twitter

But what do you all think? Is this a brand new channel? Or is this simply disrespectful to the past channel? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Francisco has been a massive media nerd since he could remember. He's an anthropology major at Queens college and part time as a teacher's assistant in Brooklyn. He enjoys writing science fiction/fantasy stories when he's not watching the newest Netflix show or listening to a podcast.
Francisco.Lahoz    ORIGINAL GONGSTER
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