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Why The Company Behind "Fearless Girl" Is Taking No Bull, And Neither Am I

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The Wall Street Bull, and ultimately the rest of the world, woke up to a new companion this morning, all thanks to State Street Global Advisors, the third largest asset manager in the world.

The asset management corp. has welcomed International Women’s Day with “Fearless Girl”, a statue of a young girl defiantly and confidently standing up to the Wall Street Bull, a statue that has been there for almost 30 years.

This is a part of a new campaign to push companies towards hiring more women for their corporate boards. The money manager also said that the company would vote against any board that failed to comply with their request. They would be sending letters out on Tuesday to nearly 3,500 companies.

"We're not going to always automatically vote against the company, but we want to make sure there are tangible, concrete measures they are taking," Lori Heinel, State Street’s deputy global chief investor, told Business Insider after the statue had been installed.

To have one of the biggest companies in a market where there are next to no females in corporate positions stand up and take a stand against this is and actually do something about it is a breath of fresh air.

It seems like company after company has claimed that they are all about feminism and women empowerment, but all they end up doing is sending out a few tweets and make a few ads to make their customers happy, and then we never hear about it again.

Theresa Jusino wrote a piece for The Mary Sue where she says, “Feminism seems to have made such a dent that companies now see being anti-sexism as a way to sell products!” You cannot use feminism as a marketing tool and expect society to just go along with it.

If you’re just going to tweet about change, then you don’t care about change. All you care about is garnering attention for five seconds and trying to get yourself on Buzzfeed’s “Top Feminist Companies of 2017” article.

If you really cared about change, than you would do something about it. You wouldn’t just send out 140 characters of fake concern and empowerment or make a few ads to please people enough to continue giving you money.

There is no place for you and your fake feminism here.

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