My Love/Hate Relationship with Starbucks

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"Wow, you like Starbucks? Do you like being a basic white girl? Why do you drink rich people coffee? You know 7/11 has coffee for ⅕ of the price yours is."

Phrases like these are muttered to me at least once a week everywhere I go. Whether it be at school, on the subway/train or just out and about. 

People seem to either really like Starbucks or very enthusiastically hate even the thought of Starbucks.

I myself am I customer who does enjoy a lot of things about the coffee chain, but at the same time they can really grind my gears. So here are some of my thoughts on Starbucks Coffee:

First of all, everyone seems to have a problem with the prices or at least know that Starbucks is pricy. 

I agree that pretty much everything they sell is way too expensive, but the reality is I would not mind coughing up $4.55 for a caramel latte if it was actually worth the price! 

A nice smooth, creamy caramel latte can be worth that amount, the problem is Starbucks doesn't care enough to make it that way. Which is fine, I get that they have a lot of daily customers and speed is important, but then please charge me for the product I am getting.

As a person who does not like to be tardy to anything, mobile ordering is a lifesaver. I can mobile order 5-10 minutes before I leave my apartment and can be in and out of the store in a brief moment, giving the people waiting in line a smirk on my wait out.

Apparently Mobile ordering is an issue for Starbucks because it causes congestion in each store causing people to leave. This is not an issue in the Starbucks around me and they seem to be fixing it in the problem stores, which is a plus.

Starbucks does not have its priorities straight. Instead of putting sugar in a glass container to save time and paper, they decide to concoct a Unicorn Frappuccino. 

I have heard it described as “sour birthday cake and shame” and “It was made to be Instagramed.” 

Obviously it is only on the menu for 5 days because they know how bad it tastes and they are doing it for free publicity.

Starbucks appeals to many different types of people, and just because the Unicorn Frap didn’t appeal to everyone, doesn't mean it didn't do its job. How many people said to themselves, 

I know it’s going to be bad but I just have to try it for myself.” 

Boom. $5.26 down the drain. 

My last thought on the coffee chain is they should definitely pay their employees more. I have had numerous friends quit or complain because of their low pay. 

Just a thought, but maybe the quality of the drinks they make would increase if the baristas were paid more and actually treated well.

Does Starbucks need to fix some of their issues? yes. 

Will I still go back tomorrow? yes. 

Will Starbucks go out of business soon?  no. I simply wish and hope that CEO’s actually do care about their daily customers and are not as greedy as everyone thinks they are. One can hope.

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Chris is a college student who loves all types of music as well as culture trends. He spends his days practicing his clarinet and consuming content from all platforms. He is addicted to coffee and only wants the truth and nothing but the truth to be spread into the world.
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