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Marshawn Lynch Caught Smacking Phone From Teen and Spitting at Him (VIDEO)

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Marshawn Lynch was certainly not in the mood for anyone today after touching down at LAX, even for fans.

Lynch arrived at LAX and was approached by two male fans, one 17 and one 18.

The fans told TMZSports that they were tipped off by someone they knew on Lynch's flight, so they decided to head over to try and get autographs from the former NFL player.

Video has surfaced, and shows Lynch approaching the camera, then smacking it to the ground. The video then cuts to Lynch exiting the terminal and spitting in the direction of the two fans as he walks past them. 

The owner of the phone says the screen is now cracked, and he is considering filing an assault report with the police. 

TMZSports reached out to Lynch's camp for comment, but so far no response. 

This is the second time Lynch has had no so great encounters with fans. A family claimed that Lynch got into with a 13 year old back in 2015

The video is posted down below:

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