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NFLPA Pushing Hard To Change Marijuana Penalties for Players

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Marijuana has always been and continues to be a hot button issue, especially when it comes to the NFL.

As of right now, players are being punished for testing positive for cannabis, even when they are in states where cannabis is decriminalized. 

Many have come out to criticize the NFL’s stance on cannabis, especially when they are openly partnering with alcohol companies and online gambling sites. Not to mention the supposed effects of marijuana on post-concussion syndrome

Now, the NFLPA has started trying to put this nonsense to an end.

NFLPA Boss DeMaurice Smith sat down with USA Today to speak about his stance.

“I think that there is a better way to evaluate players who test positive for marijuana to figure out whether or not they have just a recreational use issue, whether they have an addiction problem, but equally important, whether or not they’re using marijuana as a result of some other issue that we’re not even looking for – whether there is a depression issue, whether there is an anxiety issue. And currently, the way the system works, that evaluation, that therapeutic look at the player isn’t occurring."

Clint Werner from the Marijuana Gateway to Health, also spoke about NFL players and the use of marijuana.

“It is criminal that the NFL persecutes players who use marijuana when marijuana is the best possible remedy for the damage that leads to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.”

We may not see drastic change anytime soon, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. 

What do you think? Should marijuana use be allowed in the NFL?

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