5 Power Moves To Step Up Your PS4 Game

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Have you finally saved up enough money to throw down for a PS4, but that damn light bar keeps waking up your roommate? Or maybe you've had your PS4 since it was released but you can't figure out how to message your squad? 

Your PS4 is an incredibly powerful machine and there's a lot it can do that isn't explained. I've rounded up 5 things that you may not have known your PS4 can do.

1. Use Your Phone to Text Friends and Foes

A phone is a thumb’s best friend. You can use the Playstation app as a second screen to type anything you want. Now you don’t have to select letters one by one in order to trash talk that 12 year old you’re crushing in free-for-all. 

Just download the Playstation app and make sure your phone and PS4 are on the same network and you can pair them via the the Playstation app.Then select the second screen option and choose the keyboard icon and you’re ready to go. 

2. Turn The Light Bar’s Brightness Down

Have you pissed off your roommate one too many times with the light bar on your DualShock 4 that doubles as a rave light? 

Not to worry, it’s easy to turn the brightness down so Steve can get some sleep. Just hold the PS button and hit ‘adjust devices’ and you’ll be able to see a menu that lets you select between bright, medium, and dim settings. It also helps extend battery life. :)

3. Use Spotify in Game!

No more weak soundtracks while you’re cruising with friends in GTA 5. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4 then open the spotify app, play a song, and choose PS4 under ‘Connected Devices’.

4. Turn Your TV on With Your PS4

Ultimate laziness activated. If your TV has support for HDMI device linking, then you too can join the hundreds of gamers that are discovering just how long they can sit uninterrupted. Just head over to your settings, system, and then hit enable HDMI device link. You can then use your TV’s remote to control your PS4 menu which can be your achievement of the week.    

5. Talk to Your PS4 Through the Headset Mic

Voice commands aren’t as janky as they used to be. They can actually be super useful. For example, you can preface simple commands with “Playstation” and those command will be fulfilled by the PS4. Want to turn the PS4, just say “Playstation off”. 

You can even use in game commands to tell your squad where to go. I wouldn’t recommend asking it to be your life partner though, it’s pretty emotionally unavailable.

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