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Is Sora the Master of Masters?

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The Kingdom Hearts franchise has one of the most intriguing and convoluting narratives in gaming. Even with it’s confusing structure, players have been able to connect all of the dots when it comes to secrets in the game. 

Tetsuya Nomura leaves connections between everything that at first glance seem confusing and nonsensical, but actually go tandem with one another. 

In Kingdom Hearts X, (or Back cover in Kingdom Hearts 2.8’s cinematic.) we’re introduced to the Master of Masters and the ancient foretellers. Ever since their introductions, fans have been clamoring for information, and theorizing on the identity of the new enigmatic character. 

One discussion I see rarely brought up that I think has the ability to hold up, is Sora is the Master of Master’s, and I would like to propose how this could work.

When watching Back Cover, we can see the Master of Masters carries himself in a specific way. He acts nonchalant, aloof, exaggerated with his presentation. Nomura makes it so each character expresses themselves in specific ways. Yen Sid seldomly emotes his face while he talks, and Riku often carries a rigid stance. 

Sora uses his whole body when conversing. He seems clueless with how things will pan out at times (or aloof), and also he is by no means more serious or more goofy at various times. The way he talks and moves around in cutscenes gives similar features. Features aside, let's look at possessions.

Considering the Master of Masters' era takes place 100 years prior, outfits, keyblades, etc. could be subject to change. But there was one thing that stood out to me that he had. 

The Book of Prophecies. This book as we know during Back Cover and the mobile game, details the future events to come. Logically, it does not make sense to have such a possession possible, unless someone or the book came from the future. I will explain the time travel later, but first the book. 

The first thing I thought of when watching Back Cover was well, Jiminy's Journal. We know Jiminy chronicles their adventures throughout all the games and keeps track of all reports and events that have happened. 

It seems highly possible that Jiminy's Journal is destined to become The Book of Prophecies, considering he's the only present character we know of chronicling everything. So this would bring us to time travel to wrap everything up.

Showing how Sora becomes the Master of Masters can be explained like this (Remember, just a theory): 

At some point, Sora travels back in time. He’s able to go back years before he is born because of Ventus. In the events of the mobile game we learn Ventus was indeed around during that time. Sora housing Ventus’s heart could allow him to travel back to that time, negating the law he’d have to meet himself.

Once there, Sora could don the black cloak (which seems to come from his era) and use Jiminy's Journal to make sure future events transpire the way they should, so time isn't altered in a way it shouldn't be.

Explaining the yellow eye on No Name keyblade: let’s say that time travel affected Sora and tapped some darkness within him. This could give him Vanitas’s attributes. Vanitas and Sora are connected through Ventus, so it’s possible Sora's eyes could change from blue to yellow.

He could craft a box that would serve him transportation back to the future where it’ll be opened setting up the next saga in the series.

Now Nomura has said Master of Masters won't be in Kingdom Hearts 3, but that doesn't mean we won't see an old war torn Sora. He may pop out of the box as an older Sora with a plan (100 years in the making) to help stop Xehanort. 

So the realization that Sora (or someone else) is the Master of Masters may not be revealed till Kingdom Hearts next saga is revealed, but this is just something fun to think about and theorize over for the community that has not been brought up that much.

Who do you think in the Master of Masters? Let me know in the comments. 

Michael is an English major and a father of 3. He likes to spend his free time gaming, jogging, watching shows, and writing.
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