PlayStation 5 Exists; Still A Few Years Away

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Surprise, surprise, PlayStation 5 is coming.

Sony Interactive Entertainment World Studios Chairman Shawn Layden said as much in a recent interview when he confirmed the console's existence.

With the announcements of the mid-generation consoles, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, some have worried that game companies were doing away with typical hardware generations.

Some have been led to believe that PS4 Pro could be the de-facto PlayStation 5.

Fear not.  

German gaming site, asked Layden about PlayStation 5 and he replied, "Yes.  It will probably be some time."

Layden emphasized that there would be a true successor rather than iterative hardware as seen with smartphones.

People have speculated that the release of the PS4 Pro would see Sony follow the iPhone strategy of minor annual improvements that co-exist in the same family of hardware.

It appears the PS4 Pro is more in line with SEGA's 32X or the New Nintendo 3DS.  

They provided improved graphical performance mid-generation but they weren't true successors.

Differently than those consoles however, Layden affirmed that PS4 Pro exclusive games, "will never happen."

What is the over/under that Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out before PS5?

There has been plenty of speculation as to when PS5 would come out.  

Some have said 2019 at the earliest but most have holiday 2020 as the more likely scenario.

The PS4 was released in 2013 which would give it a 7-year lifespan. 

(The same as PS3's lifespan from 2006-2013)

2018 is an unlikely scenario considering many of Sony's marquee titles are set to release in 2018 and beyond.  

Spider-Man and God of War for example are slated for 2018 release.

The Last of Us 2 doesn't even have a release window yet.

It would be rather poetic for The Last of Us 2 to be the PS4's swan song much in the way that the original was for the PS3.

Sony will also want to give PS4 Pro some time to breathe before moving on to greener pastures.  

And it's not like the system is exactly a slouch in the graphical department.  

It does possess 4K capabilities and plenty of power to last the generation.

The PS4 has shown no signs of slowing down and Sony will look to keep driving the install base.  

The system is on a meteoric trajectory of nearly PS2 levels.  It would make little sense to throw that away now.

We are in the sweet spot of a system's life-cycle right now with the PS4 where the library is already robust and developers just continue to unlock its potential.

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