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Super Smash Bros for the Wii U/3DS (more commonly called Smash 4 or SM4SH) isn't just known for it's incredibly fun gameplay. There’s a strong competitive scene behind it that many follow religiously and have strict ideas about who is best. 

I love the strategic and fast paced gameplay and just the general “hop in and play” attitude of the game. 

I’m certain that many people disagree with me competitively, but that’s neither here nor there. I play this game almost every day with friends and I’m still not bored of it. 

However, a change of pace is always fun and welcome, and CH4OS: The UN-Balance Mod does more than change the pace; it tears it up, throws it away, and throws 5 consecutive Falcon Punches at it.

This mod pack, by GameBanana, does exactly what it says it does. All characters become broken, unbalanced, chaotic demons of SM4SH. 

  1. Donkey Kong can fly infinitely, 
  2. Samus’s Charge Shot (Neutral B) deletes (no damage, just deletes you) 
  3. Jigglypuff’s Sing (Up+B) now slows everyone for 7 seconds. 

It truly is chaos.

Strategy is gone, and combos are unnecessary. After all, why bother with a Bowser combo when his downthrow is an instant kill? Most characters are faster and stronger, with more jumps and easier physics. 

In addition to the character moveset changes are all the amazing skins (basically just a character model change, like the different forms of Koopa Jr.). 

Jigglypuff can now be a haunting loaf of bread with a smile that can curdle milk. Want Goku in the game? Choose Ryu and pick the Goku skin, or if you’re feeling silly, choose the Kermit skin. 

That’s what makes this mod so exciting. Not only the new gameplay, but the awesome work put in to make so many fan favorites pseudo accessible. 

The fun and mayhem that this mod brings is guaranteed to turn any Smash 4 get together into a frantic and exciting shouting match of “What was that?!” 

And yet, after a loud hour of 8-man Smash turned into one on one battles, there was a surprising depth to the more focused play of the mod. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still mayhem, but it’s controlled mayhem and beautiful in its own way. In a game that’s still immensely fun yet predictable, the general disarray is a fantastic break from the perfectly executed combos and tireless button mashing. 

If you know anything about modding, or would like to get into it, here’s a link to the mod itself (Be careful) so you can all enjoy the mayhem!

Also, here are some more of my favorite (and most hilarious) changes: 

  1. Ganondorf has complete invincibility during his Warlock Punch (Neutral B).  
  2. Wario, Marth, DK, Mewto, Zero Suit Samus, ROB, Luigi, and Bowser Jr. can all fly infinitely. 
  3. Charizard’s Flamethrower (Neutral B) can cover most of Final Destination and does about 80% a second. 
  4. Little Mac is now an aerial fighter. 
  5. Bowser cannot fast fall. He just instantly blinks to whatever is below him (Do NOT do this while offstage). 
  6. Pacman’s Fire Hydrant (Down+B) now spikes, and using it while the hydrant is out continually spikes.  
  7. Pacman also now does damage and knockback passively while running.  
  8. Mewtwo’s Disable (Down+B) now stuns everyone in play.

Have you downloaded the new mod yet? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below,

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