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Playstation Vs. Xbox: Console Wars Film Adaptation In The Works

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"PlayStation or Xbox, who will reign supreme? It is time to answer the ultimate question once and for all!"

​A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $25,868 by Monday, July 3, to fund a fan film titled Console Wars - The Beginning.

The film, the brainchild of enthusiastic filmmaker Nick Sapwell, illustrates the ongoing rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox, re-imagining the game consoles as planets and the games themselves as "sectors." The storyline, as described on the Sapwell's Kickstarter page, is as follows:

[...] events in the sector known as Olympus changed the world of Playstanea (Playstation) forever.

Kratos had slaughtered all the Gods of Olympus, beings that once held control over the elements of the entire planet.

The world descended into elemental chaos without gods to control them, forcing survivors from different sectors of Playstanea to band together. The survivors were powerful, confident and selfish; the perfect character traits sought by Calypso, who finds great entertainment in bloodshed.

Calypso offers Kratos, Cole Magrath, Colonel Radec and Sweet Tooth a chance at escaping the death of Playstanea, while manipulating them towards a hostile invasion of a neighbouring planet, Exbor (XBOX).

Overwhelmed by the warriors of Playstanea's unbelievable strength, Master Chief and Cortana seek the help of heroes from other sectors of Exbor to join the defence of their world.


​For real though, where did all this damn hostility come from?

Understandably, Sony and Microsoft aren't the best of friends; the PlayStation and the Xbox have been each other's main competitors since the beginning. Although most games are available to be played on both consoles, the two gaming giants have (and probably always will have) exclusive games, leading players of said games to favor one console over the other.

The design and size of the consoles and the remotes are other points of contention, especially between the PS4 and the Xbox One (the PS4 has a slimmer console design, for example, while the Xbox One's ports are more accessible).

Recently though, it's become more of a pissing contest for players, with proponents of one console hassling those who play on the other.

The manufacturers have used this to their advantage, employing the production of timed-exclusive games and content (Sony, for example, will pay publishers not to release  games by Microsoft until theirs have already been out for a few months, and vice versa).

Whatever the current console controversy, Sapwell promises that the film will have "an 'epic' aspect to it, but there will be generous doses of humor and gamer references to keep the entertainment lighthearted and fun!"

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Francisco.Lahoz    ORIGINAL GONGSTER
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