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The Sony 'Playman' Could Be The Answer To The Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch continues to outsell both the PS4 and Xbox 1 month-over-month. So how will Sony and Microsoft respond? 

Curved/Labs speculates the answer. The company designed a concept idea of what the 'Playstation Switch' could look like. 

The've dubbed it as the 'Sony Playman' and they've teased fans with quite impressive concept art and a video. 

Apparently, the company has decided to create the concept for Playstation Switch since Sony has already done multiple portable consoles - The Playstation Portable and the Playstation Vita but still falls short of the Switch's sales numbers. 

Curved/Labs have done such a great job with the art and video, that you could even be convinced such portable console already exists. 

It has been alleged that the 'Sony Playman' could give multiple options for game modes just like the Switch. 

The 'Sony Playman' will already have an advantage as it will feature 3 fields of use: 

“The Playman won’t be used in just two modes – handheld or TV docking station – but offers three possible fields of use. The device can either be connected to the TV via HDMI, with attached controllers, be used as a handheld console. But furthermore a large, fully adjustable and above all robust joint allows for a comfortable solution to play while being out and about, without having to suffer from tired arms from holding up the weight of the whole handheld console.”


The video concept of the 'Playman' also features a bigger screen than its competitors. 

“The Sony Dualshock controllers can be mounted on the side of the chassis, but can be attached to the rear of the unit. In order to work, the center would have to be removed from the touchpad. The controllers’ functions resemble those of Sony’s regular dualshock controllers.”

The 'Playman' would also feature a very powerful battery. 

“Games would run through an internal battery and with a lower frame rate, when played on the road. USB ports on the back of the device cannot be used for the controllers to be recharged, but can also supply the gadget with the power of attached rechargeable battery packs.”

So far, Sony has not confirmed any details on a 'Playman' but hopefully with Curved/Labs' design, the 'Playman' could be in our near future. 

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