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Gaming Review: Gang Beasts

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Credit: Steam

While Gang Beasts may not be officially out yet, that doesn't mean we can't review the Early Access version that is available exclusively on Steam and the Oculus store.

I will be reviewing the game on how enjoyable and easy it is to play the game, the art, and the characters featured in the game.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

FUN – 3.5/5.0

A bizarre brawler

Gang Beasts is an odd game. I mean, local multiplayer games where players fight against each other is a tried and true concept – Super Smash Bros., Tekken, even Mario Party falls into this category.

However, no other games have felt like Gang Beasts. Movements are clumsy, controls are difficult to predict, and gameplay generally ends up in a big mess, but Gang Beasts somehow presents itself as an extremely enjoyable game.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

Constant moments of drama

I believe what makes Gang Beasts so special is its innate ability to create dramatic situations. The unique control scheme and the physics-based mechanism of Gang Beasts enable the players to grab onto other players, objects, and environments, creating limitless possibilities as to what the players can do.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

So much potential, yet unfulfilled

By separately controlling each hand to punch or grab onto things, the controls of Gang Beasts gives so much freedom to the player, and also adds that much ridiculousness.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

However, compared to the clever controls, the amount of objects the player may interact with is disappointing. The only real way to attack the other player is through punching, which is surprisingly simple. 

The ability to grab onto things opens up so much potential: weapons, throwable objects, levers, buttons… 

I am aware that Gang Beasts is still an alpha game, but when the game is ready for its official release, I expect more options for the players to grab onto and interact with. 

This is why Gang Beasts gets a mere 3.5 stars – when the game is in its full form, I bet I’ll be giving it a full 5 star.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

ART – 4.0/5.0


The signature visual elements of Gang Beasts is probably what grabbed your attention when you first saw its gameplay. The sight of clay-like characters clumsily throwing each other into absolutely gruesome deaths is certainly a memorable scene.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

Silly costumes add another level of fun in the game, and even better is the fact that costumes can be customized. Just a bit more variety in the props, and the visuals of Gang Beasts is good to go.


The soundtrack of Gang Beasts consists of upbeat, but somewhat ambient music, which fits in very well with the atmosphere of the game. It is often difficult to notice, but that’s fine because there will be too much yelling over the game anyway.

The sound effects however, is a bit shy of the soundtrack. I do like the idea of having bursts of laughing as sound effects, because it adds well to the overall… lunacy. 

However, as ridiculous as the visuals of the game are, I wish the sound effects are as ridiculous as well, with crazy screams and obnoxious hollers.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

CHARACTER – 5.0/5.0

An instant eye-catcher

At this point, Gang Beasts does not feel like an indie game – in fact, many of my non-gamer friends exclaimed, “I’ve seen this before!” when I first introduced them to the game. 

(After which of course, I knocked them cold and threw them into a burning pit).

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

I believe this proves how Gang Beasts possesses a true originality, an ability to generate a scene that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. I too, was immediately absorbed by a short clip of Gang Beasts, and couldn’t help but look it up on Google. 

Gang Beasts deserves full 5 stars, for creating something that’s never been seen before.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer


Great for entertaining your (internally violent) guests

Despite being an alpha version game, Gang Beasts was often chosen over other couch multiplayers when my friends came over. This is probably because once the controls are learned, the rest of the game becomes a messy fiasco of no clear winner. It’s that much casual, yet that much entertaining.

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

I definitely recommend Gang Beasts for gamers who are looking for a good party game to entertain their guests. I am very excited to see what the final form of Gang Beasts looks like. Hopefully it will have plenty more obscene costumers, silly weapons, and ludicrous sound effects. 

Still, even at its alpha form, Gang Beasts is among the most entertaining couch multiplayers I’ve ever played. LBG

Credit: Laid Back Gamer

Have you gotten your hands on the Early Access version? Will you be getting the full game when it is released? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

This was originally posted on Henry's blog, Laid Back Gamer.

Always looking for better ways to waste away time, Henry has been a constant binge gamer since youth. Games are really just interactive form of art, right? He argues that one day he will become a game developer himself, at which point all this gaming will aid him in creating something awesome.
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