Magikarp Jump – Pokémon’s Full Dive into App Games

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Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is not the Pokémon franchise’s first venture into mobile gaming. With Pokémon Duel and Pokémon Shuffle (Pokémon Go wasn’t actually made by Pokémon’s creators, and thus isn’t related here), they already have two great games in the app store. 

Pokémon Duel is an interesting turn based strategy game in which you attempt to outmaneuver others with your Pokémon figures, and Pokémon Shuffle is a fantastic take on the puzzle genre. Each of them offers a certain depth with their gameplay, whether it be strategic options and movements in figure choices or testing your puzzling skills. 

Magikarp’s very own game is a little different in its pure simplicity. About 3 hours into the game, I see little depth. I don’t need to think much, or plan ahead, I just fool around and grow the biggest and jumpiest Magikarp I can. It has its own charms, utilizing the odd appeal of such an ugly and generally useless Pokémon

The game begins with the original opening Pokémon music from the very first games (which made me squeal with nostalgic glee of course). You meet a new professor (Professor Karp), fish for your very own Magikarp, name it, and train it. In this town, people love watching Magikarp jump, and you apparently love to supply this demand. 

You feed your Magikarp, train your Magikarp, and then have “jump battles” with other Magikarp. Feeding requires you tapping on food in the pond you have (and get to customize with themes and decorations), and training requires no effort, you just tap on train and the game handles the rest. Even the jump battles are just tap and it goes ahead on its own (although tapping rapidly floods the screen with encouraging chants). 

Each Magikarp has one of several patterns and each one grows as it levels up. When your Magikarp stops winning, it retires (but stays in your pond), and you catch a new one that you can train even more. As your trainer level goes up, so do Magikarps’ max levels. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it’s a new endeavor for the Pokémon franchise. Originally released only in Italy (I have no idea why there) on May 24, in a surprise announcement, it’s now available across the globe. 

While it isn’t a must-play for die-hard fans, it’s certainly adorable and worth a look. Like all of Pokemon’s freemium games, it’s completely free to play the majority of the game, and all the things you could pay real cash for simply speed it up a bit. 

Perhaps, and hopefully, we can see them releasing even more adorable games for the less hardcore fans to casually enjoy. Personally, I’d LOVE an Eevee/Eeveelutions themed game.

Have you downloaded it yet? Who would you like them to make a game for next?

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