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80's and 90's Games We Wish They Would Remaster For Modern Consoles

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The Classic Gamer

I'm just going to put this out there right now. I'm 29 and I was a hardcore gamer in the 90's.  I played everything from Sega to Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy and even Atari.  Some of my favorite memories derive from Saturdays with my boys playing Goldeneye.  

Games these days don't seem to capture the magic they used too.  Or maybe i'm just getting old?  Either way, I would love to see some of these titles come back with a facelift for modern consoles. 

Goldeneye: Arguable one of the best games in gaming history. If they remastered this game i'd probably lose my job.  

Sick Chirpse

Duckhunt: With VR technology advancing, these is a slam dunk to remaster.  

Sexton's Music and Games

Cruis'n USA: Same cars, same maps but with insane new graphics.  How many hours did you waste of your life on this game?  

Retro Game Age

PilotWings: This is the first game I purchased (my mom purchased) for Nintendo 64. It will always hold close to my heart. 


Starfox: What kid didn't binge on this game? Would love to play this again with a remastered facelift. 


Contra III: The Alien Wars: Pure fun. Think about playing this with Gears of War level graphics.  


Lester The Unlikely: This one is a bit of a curveball as i'm pretty sure I was the only person in the world to play it.  But if you did play, you know how awesome it truly was. 


Zombies At My Neighbors: This is my favorite game on this list. I literally played this game last week. Think how creepy that baby could be with 4k technology. 

Rom Hustler

Super Mario Bros. 3:  Yes, I know Nintendo is constantly pushing out new Mario games. But I don't want new Mario games. I was Super Mario 3 but with better graphics.  

Nintendo Today

What games have I left out? What would you like to see remastered? 

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