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Christmas for gamers is nearly upon us.  E3 is less than two weeks away and gamers are counting down the days in eager anticipation hoping their favorite companies give them something worthwhile to clutch onto.  

Microsoft plans to unveil the most powerful console ever made, currently dubbed "Project Scorpio". Nintendo looks to continue the momentum of the record-breaking sales hit, the Switch. And all the while, it seems everyone forgot about little, old PlayStation.

It's strange to say that the out-and-out winner of the console generation has somehow flown under the radar for E3, but here we are.  

It's almost as if the public has taken for granted that Sony will put on a great show and is more curious to see what the competition has to offer.

I think this is mainly because E3 is all about surprises.  E3 is about moments like the chills-inducing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess reveal which saw gamers around the world lose their collective minds.

For the most part, Sony has already shown us a lot of what we can expect in the future.  We know about Spider-Man, God of War, Days Gone, and Death Stranding for instance, but details about each game remain few and far between.  

I do think, however, there is one rabbit Sony could pull out of it's hat to steal the show:

Credit: PlayStation

KNACK 2 BAYBEEE! The king is back baby!  Uh-oh!


Bloodborne II

Credit: Reddit (fan-made)

Maybe it's more of blind hope than prediction, but I think it's possible.  Please, God.  Make it happen.  Sony could possibly win the whole show if they had Bloodborne II to announce.

Bloodborne is an unabashed masterpiece.  Sony already let Demon's Souls slip through it's fingers once before and I doubt they will let that happen again with the Bloodborne franchise.  I expect this reveal to be the showstopper.  FROM Software is reportedly working on three different games and it has been heavily rumored that the sequel to Bloodborne is one of them. 

Sucker Punch New IP

The studio behind Infamous hasn't been heard from since 2014's Infamous Second Son.  It has been long enough and I anticipate they are finally ready to show what they have been working on.  All the rumors point to a brand new IP instead of another Infamous follow-up.  

Spider-Man gameplay and release date

Credit: PlayStation

The Insomniac developed Spider-Man game will get a proper unveiling replete with an official title, gameplay footage and release date.  I think they will want to ride the wave of hype that is following Spider-Man: Homecoming even though the two properties are unrelated.  

It's very likely Spider-Man is the main focus of Sony's show this year.  It looks incredible based off the small amount of footage we have seen and fills the void for superhero games left by the Batman: Arkham series. 

God of War 

Credit: PlayStation

This will be another major focus of the presentation.  I think either this game or Spider-Man will be Sony's big game for the holiday season depending on which one is ready first, unless neither is. 

I'm guessing God of War is further along considering we have already seen live gameplay but I have no idea, really.  Similarly to Spider-Man, I think it's a pretty safe bet that we will get an official title, release date and new trailer.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Credit: Dualshockers

I think this game gets a brief update.  Since it comes out so soon I don't see them spending too much time on it.  Maybe another gameplay or story trailer.

Detroit: Become Human

Credit: Wikipedia

This sci-fi game from Heavy Rain creator, David Cage is supposed to release in 2017.  But without a release date I wonder if it will slip to 2018.  Either way, I think we get more gameplay and story footage.  And I can't wait to see it.

Death Stranding 

Credit: Gamespot

At first I thought, maybe it would be overkill to once again bring Death Stranding to E3 without any gameplay footage, but this is Kojima we're talking about. Expect another eerie CGI trailer with a different celebrity.  Perhaps Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone.  Maybe this time we get an idea of the game's genre?  I still think it's too early for gameplay footage.  This game is likely years away, still.

Days Gone 

Credit: PlayStation

Voice actor, Sam Witwer said that Days Gone will appear at E3 in a, "big way."  I would bet on a playable demo, new trailer and 2018 release date for the World War Z-esque zombie game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC trailer

Credit: PlayStation

This is all but a guarantee.  Horizon performed incredibly well and is poised to become a flagship franchise for Sony moving forward.

PSVR, Death of Vita, Indies

Credit: Forbes

VR gaming hasn't exactly lit the world on fire thus far.  It has a bit of a "chicken and egg" problem.  People don't buy VR headsets because there are no games, (and they're expensive) and major developers don't make VR games because there is no audience for them.  

PSVR has done well compared to it's competitors but it still remains a niche product. 

I think Sony puts in an earnest effort at supporting the system with a whole bunch of games.  I think there will be a couple of ambitious games that really try and sell VR as a concept.  If it doesn't take off like they hope however, Sony won't hesitate to drop it as quickly as they dropped the Vita.

Third Party stuff

Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII, Star Wars Battlefront II.  

Sony has marketing rights to all of these juggernauts and will take full advantage.  They will probably get the first chance to show off multiplayer, betas, DLC and what-not.

What I think WON'T be there

Credit: TrustedReviews

Cyberpunk2077, Dreams, Metal Gear Survive, Kingdom Hearts 3, Elder Scrolls VI​Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue 3, Red Dead: Redemption 2.

Most of these games are years away.  Dreams is the likeliest candidate to show up in my estimation.  Final Fantasy VII could possibly get an update considering Square Enix is releasing it in installments but I still think that is unlikely.  Red Dead won't be there simply because Rockstar has never had an E3 presence.

And finally:

Credit: Gamespot

The Last of Us: Part II 

Sony's biggest exclusive closes out the show with a brand new cinematic trailer.  Fans everywhere freak out. 

End show.

E3 2017 is shaping up to be an amazing show for Sony.  The only complaint I can think of is a potential lack of surprises, but the breadth of quality titles that will be arriving on PlayStation 4 in the years to come is truly staggering.

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