Pokémon Inducted into Hall of Fame

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As of today, the Pokémon franchise has officially become inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, at The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. 

Who is surprised? Standing among similar giants, such as Sonic, Pong, and World of Warcraft, the only question is why did it take so long for this to happen?

Yes, the Hall of Fame itself was only established in 2015, but my question remains. Pokémon has become such a household name, such an entrenched part of our society, that there is nary a person alive who hasn’t heard of it at least once. 

Beginning in 1996 with Blue/Red/Green and Yellow versions, the franchise has released dozens of games to date. The sheer variety itself is astounding. The classic style Pokémon game itself has 27 iterations. 

Now add in Pokémon games that branch into other gaming genres, such as Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Pinball, Pokémon Trading Card Game (and the Pokémon Trading Card Game Game), Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Pokkén (a Tekken style game). 

This list is only a short indulgence into their vast plethora of games. The Pokémon franchise has anime, movies, manga, books, figurines, statues, and hundreds of products. (Hello Pokémon toothpaste, my old friend). 

This doesn’t even include Pokémon Go, a worldwide phenomenon which led to dozens of studies, thousands of friends made, billions of dollars earned, and stampedes the world over. I remember stopping by Central Park at 2 AM to see people desperately walking around to find a rare Pokémon

Personally, I love Pokémon. It’s helped shape my life through introducing me to friends and even teaching me how to read. It’s helped me bond with strangers and learn more about not caring what others think of me. 

It’s also made over $60 Billion USD, but that’s another matter. Pokémon is so universal because it does so much. How many other games can a 23-year-old man play next to his 9-year-old little sister that they both enjoy equally but in completely different ways? 

She enthusiastically explores the forests and caverns in game as I studiously train my Pokémon to be the very best they can. She picks the cutest team she can while I decided that 2 of those adorable fluffballs are actually deadly assets to my team. 

The sheer variety that this one game can offer is so vast, it constantly blows my mind. Pokémon has had a huge impact on my life, my friends’ lives, and the lives of millions of others, and I gladly welcome it into the Hall of Fame where it belongs.

How much has Pokémon affected your life? Did the Hall of Fame wait too long before inducted the game? Let me know in the comments.

Sasha's given name is actually Aleksander. His main interests are gaming, manga, anime, cooking, and Japanese pop culture. He's a Psychology major and English minor and head of the largest Sci-Fi/Anime club at Queens College. He's been writing semi-regularly since the age of 13 and can't wait to write more.
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