These Tips and Tricks For PS4 Prove Why It's The Most Superior Console

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Playstation 4 is currently the best selling console on the market.  It's beaten out the Wii U, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch.  Since 2013, there have been over 50 million PS4's sold! There's a reason for this.  It's simply the best console on the market, and these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of it.  

Use Any Headphones, No Matter What


Want to play your PS4 at night without disturbing others? ​Aside from the expensive official PS4 headphones, you can use any pair of headphones that you wish! On the Dualshock 4 controller, you will see a 3.5mm headphone port on the bottom. 

By default, your headphones should only deliver chat audio, but if you dive into the PS4 menus, you can set it to output all audio. Head to your settings via the accessories tab. Click on "Output," select "Output to Headphones" and select "All Audio." 

Become a Social Media Master

Sony's PS4 DualShock 4 has a "share" button built in. For regular "share" users, it can be a pain to take a screenshot and then leave your current place in the game to go to your upload management tool screen.  Did you know that you can turn that feature off? 

Go into your "share settings" in the settings section and you will be able to adjust how your "share" button works. You can set the feature to continue playing your game immediately after you hit the "share" button. But what if you want to upload it to your social accounts immediately?  Hit the "share" button, and then immediately afterwards hit the "share" button again and hold it down.  

Message Your PS4 Friends On-The-Go


Replying to messages on your PS4 is the worst.  Who has time for that? Sony has created an entirely new messenger app for iOS designed specifically to chat and respond to PS4 messages without ever leaving your game.  You can download the app here

Backup Your Saved Games to USB


PS Plus users have been able to upload their saved games to the cloud since the PS3. However, if you're not a PS Plus user, the USB copy functionality is a life-saver. Saving your game to a USB is simple. 

Pop one into the USB drive and head over to "Settings" and "Application saved data management" and then select "Saved Data System Storage | Copy Data to USB Storage." This method doesn't allow you to load saves directly from the USB stick, but it's a very helpful backup in case anything goes wrong.  

Expand Space With External Drives


Nothing is worse than running out of space and having to look for things you can delete.  If you made the mistake of buying a PS4 with a lesser hard drive, you can always add more space with this feature. With the 4.5 firmware update (Which we wrote about here) you are now able to add an external hard drive through the USB port.  

Remap Every Button on DualShock 4


Are you use to a different system or a specific game?  You can remap every button on the DualShock 4 to your customized liking. Some games will even switch their button prompts to whatever you have specifically assigned.  Remapping the buttons is simple. Simply go to your home screen, select "Settings." "Accessibility" and "Customize Button Assignments." ​

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