Awesome PS4 Controller Skins For Every Gamer Type

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Your choice of gaming console represents who you are. Hopefully, you've made the right choice and went with Playstation. But there's no reason you should settle for a basic black controller. Let the controller showcase your personality. We've put together a list of some of the coolest skins that will make your friends envious.  

The Spider Man​

Gamer Type: Fighting Games/Comic Books

If your first crush was Mary Jane from Spiderman, we may have the skin for you. For those hardcore Spider Man fans, this skin sets you back at under $6 and you can buy it here. 

The Lost In Space

Gamer Type: Space Exploration. 

This skin is perfect for gamers who like to play games that take place on other planets. No Man's Sky and Mass Effect will pair nicely with this skin. Pick one up for yourself for under $6 here. 

The Marvel

Gamer Type: Comic Books

A true Marvel fan should already own this skin. So I don't really need to tell you about it. If you haven't already, pick it up here for $8.90. 

Got Wood?

Gamer Type: Hipster

For that gamer that lives in Brooklyn and only plays locally sourced games.  The wood skin is a great addition to your loft-style apartment that probably has a cactus.  Pick it up for $19.99 here. 

The Pokemon Master

Gamer Type: Pokemon Pro

Were you playing Pokemon before it was cool? Do you have more than 5 holographic Charizards?  Than this skin is for you. It's currently out of stock but you can keep checking up here. 

The All-American

Gamer Type: Shooter 

Is your fridge filled with Coors light and hot dogs? Do you say the Pledge of Allegiance daily? This will be the perfect addition to your console. No need to drive your Ford to the store because you can pick one up right here for $5.96

The Stoner

Gamer Type: Stoned

If you've made it this far down the list, this probably isn't the skin for you. Serious stoners only can pick it up for $5.98 here. 

The Wolf of Playstation

Gamer Type: Strategy

If you went short on the Snapchat IPO this may be the controller for you. Serious Wall Street players only, please. Luckily you don't need serious money as this skin only sets you back $5.08. Pick one up here. 

The Artist

Gamer Type: Creative

When you're not gaming, do you spend your free time at museums? Are you a creative type who enjoys a glass of Pinot Grigio with your Salmon? This is the controller for you. Only $7.99 here. 

The Sprinkles

Gamer Type: I Have No Freaking Clue

If you've got a big personality and love a damn good cupcake with sprinkles. I guess this skin is for you? Pick it up for cool $7.99 here. 

The Neo

Gamer Type: Hacking 

For the hacking type.  I think this is from the Matrix, but I could be wrong. Anyways, if you're a hacker or love Keanu Reeves, this is the skin for you. $6.96 here. 

The Murderer

Are you a low-key murderer? If you like to murder on Fridays but game on Saturdays, this may be the controller for you. Jason, Chuckie and many more killers make an appearance on this one. Pick it up for $12.15 here. 

The Nebulon

Gamer Type: Explorers 

Perfect for those Neil Degrasse Tyson fans. If you remember having glow in the dark stars on your ceiling as a kid (or maybe even now) this skin may suit your fancy. Blast off with a price point of $7.99

I'd love to know, which skins are your favorite?  Let me know in the comments. 

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