Upcoming PS4 Exclusives You Absolutely Need to Play in 2017

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Sure, you can play almost any game that you want on the PS4, but did you really buy a PS4 to play the same games that your lame former roommate is playing on his Xbox One? No, of course you didn’t. You bought it to play games that everyone else wished they were able to play. 

Here's a list of upcoming exclusive PS4 games that you absolutely need to play.

Persona 5 

After a very much anticipated wait, the final installment of the Persona franchise has finally come to PS4. With the combination of all the RPG elements of dungeon exploration and social-link nurturing, this final installment is everything you could hope for and more. 

In Persona 5, you follow along a high school student by day and a thief by night. The protagonist works with friends to avoid law enforcement and combat a dark, evil conspiracy. 

Persona 5 is also light years better than its previous 4 counterpoints. Mapping commands are now much easier to access, and the combat system is 10x better than in previous games.

MLB: The Show 17

Every MLB fan needs to get their hands on his game. This new installment offers new managerial and game play modes along with enhanced versions of your favorite parts of the game. 

The '17 version even allows you to carry over all of the work you created in The Show 16. It is a definite must have in your gaming library.

NieR: Automata

One of the best parts about this game: You do not need to have experience playing the previous in order to fully understand Automata.

You play as 2B, a female android soldier tasked to liberate Earth from the mechanical invaders. Automata gives you the ability to change both the active and passive abilities with chips, and also gives you a robotic aide to assist you in combat. 

You will have no shortage of entertainment with Automata.

Gran Turismo Sport

The famous franchise is stepping up their game in this new installment, hoping to take advantage of the advanced PS4 technology. 

The new installment gives you three modes, Campaign, Sports, and Arcade, and there will also be an option to alter the time of day that you race in. Gran Turismo is also promising VR support, but only for a few select cars and tracks.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

The newest installment of the Ni No Kuni series, Revenant Kingdom does not disappoint. In Revenant Kingdom, you follow along with King Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum and his journey to retake his crown. 

The development team behind the series promises to keep the RPG-combat system we’ve all come to love, and the art inspired by Studio Ghibli is just as beautiful as ever.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The popularity of games revolving around mental illness seemed to rise in late 2016, and 2017 is looking to be no different. One game that everyone needs to check out is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. 

Here, you follow along with Senua, a Celtic warrior, as she follows through the subconscious world related to her surviving a a Viking invasion, and her PTSD related to the invasion. 

The graphics and the voices speaking to Senua all help to create a spooky and haunting experience. People are already calling for the game to be one of the more unique games to hit the market this year.

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