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Microsoft "Scorpio": The Xbox 2.0

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Hello Microsoft Fans, you’ve probably heard about Microsoft’s Scorpio project in the past but never really knew what it was. 

What is the Scorpio? Is it worth the money? Isn’t it just another Xbox console or is it something entirely new?

Microsoft’s response to the peculiar PS4 Pro is the “Scorpio,” a powered up Xbox One. 

The “Scorpio” was detailed in a PR reveal with Eurogamer. The new upgraded console had it’s specs revealed to the public for the first time since rumors circled around last year about the project. 

The new console sports 12GB of GDDR5 ram, and a custom CPU and GPU that has reportedly been clocked in at higher levels than the previous Xbox and even Sony’s own Playstation entries.

This new machine seems to be the most powerful video game console commercially available, with Eurogamer having had a demo of Forza Motorsport as a tech demo:

“The demo stacks up the maximum amount of cars and runs the full AI and physics simulations. It's a highly taxing stress test, used to enforce the strict budgets in Forza Motorsport to ensure the locked 60fps the series is famous for. The ForzaTech port to Scorpio took two days to complete and was fully performant from day one. In fact, the team can push ForzaTech to the equivalent of PC's ultra-level settings and we're still sitting at 88 per cent GPU utilisation; in terms of system utilisation, this is ballpark with Xbox One at 1080p on its default settings.”

With the new console being at least 6 months away from a viable release date will you be buying the Scorpio? Are you happy with your Xbox One? Or are you in love with your Playstation or PC too much? 

Let us know in the comments.​
Francisco has been a massive media nerd since he could remember. He's an anthropology major at Queens college and part time as a teacher's assistant in Brooklyn. He enjoys writing science fiction/fantasy stories when he's not watching the newest Netflix show or listening to a podcast.
Francisco.Lahoz    ORIGINAL GONGSTER
Francisco.Lahoz    ORIGINAL GONGSTER
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