Playstation's 4.70 Update is 'Bricking' Consoles

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Today, Playstation launched its 4.70 update in order to give the console more 'stability.'  Unfortunately, the update came with more headaches than stability. According to Reddit user DoctorCarty, the update nearly 'bricked' their console: 

​"Turned my PS4 onto rest mode a few minutes before the update went up to take a break and go cook some food. Came back and the PS4 turned on normally, but the normally moving blue waves of the default theme weren't moving, controller did nothing, music still played though.

Anyways, hard reset by holding down the top button on the machine itself, tried a few times to no avail, let it sit for another twenty minutes, agonizing and having a mini-panic attack as I imagined all the scenarios in which whatever guy I'd end up talking to on phone support could be useless and unhelpful.

Anyways, got the thing to turn on and noticed there was an update ready, but an error caused it to not download. Canceled and deleted the file, tried to install again. Had about 5 seconds left on the ETA when it stopped progressing. PS4 still worked now, but when I tried to pause and resume the download, it froze again. After about 15 seconds it came back, so I canceled and deleted it again, this time just gonna entirely ignore the update until the next one, perhaps.

Nothing too online-focused that I'm playing at the moment, thankfully, so I'm not too bothered, but what an inconvenience. Only logical conclusion I can come to is that it's the update file, seeing as the pause and resume button were freezing my PS4 as well.

If it happens again, I'll regretfully call into phone support. Anyways, I came thru to tell my story and see if maybe anybody else might be having a problem like this. So...anyone else have any similar experiences tonight? 

The thread has since seen over 350 upvotes with 200 comments from users who are experiencing similar issues.  

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Has anybody else been experiencing issues with the new update? Let me know in the comments. 

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