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How Does PS Vue Stack up Against Sling TV And DirecTV Now?

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YouTube TV is the latest brand to come out with what they call a “streaming service”, aimed at customers who want to ditch their expensive cable service, but still want to keep their cable channels. 

YouTube now joins Playstation, Sling TV, and DirecTV, who all have their own versions of a streaming service, but which is the better service?

Although all four services offer a different array of channels, there is a set amount of channels that are offered on all four service, so if you are not very picky with what channels you get, you will be happy with any service. Those channels are:

National Geographic

But if you are like most TV watchers, you are at least a little bit picky about what you are watching, so now it is time to get to the nitty gritty. 

YouTube TV and Sling TV are not the greatest when it comes to additional channels. PS Vue and DirecTV are at the top of the line when it comes to the list of channels available, but if you are looking to get the most amount of channels you can get, you are going to have to dole out a little bit of cash. 

PS Vue and DirecTV both offering four different packages, all with different prices and different amount of channels you get. YouTube TV only offers one package, and Sling TV isn’t any better, with only three packages available.

One area where YouTube TV comes out on top is when it comes to broadcast TV channels. Depending on your area, YouTube TV includes ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and The CW. PS Vue offers all of those except for The CW. Sling TV offers live streams of FOX and NBC in select markets, and DirecTV offers a combination of both.

Another important aspect to look for is DVR and simultaneous streaming, and each surface offers something different.

YouTube TV: 9 month unlimited cloud-based DVR with 3 simultaneous streams and profiles.

PS Vue: 28 day unlimited cloud-based DVR and on-demand access with 5 simultaneous streams and profiles (2 of those profiles must be on a PS device)

Sling TV: 100 hours cloud-based DVR (limited beta) and on-demand access with 4 simultaneous streams and profiles

DirecTV: Offers only on-demand access with 2 simultaneous streams

Now for the most important part: price. Streaming services are supposed to be the answer for people that still want the channels they know and love, but are tired of paying an arm and leg every month for thousands of channels they are never going to watch. 

This is where it can get a little tricky when deciding with service is right for you. Posted below are the price breakdowns for each service.

YouTube TV
$35 for 40+ channels

PlayStation Vue
$30 for 45+ channels
$35 for 60+ channels
$45 for 90 channels
$65 for 90 channels + HBO & Showtime

Sling TV
$20 for 30+ channels
$25 for $40+ channels
$40 for 49 channels

DirecTV Now

$35 for 60+ channels
$50 for 80+ channels
$60 for 100+ channels
$70 for 120+ channels

So which service is the best? Well it depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a lot of DVR space because you aren’t able to watch most of your shows live, YouTube TV is probably your best bet. If you watch a lot of channels, I say bite the bullet and pay for one of the advanced DirecTV packages. 

If you are dedicated to your sports teams, Sling TV and YouTube TV are probably going to be your best bet. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you want out of a streaming service.

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