Here's 21 New Things Coming With The Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC

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The Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC finally hits the marketplace tomorrow, March 14th, for premium pass holders. 

For non-premium members, you'll have to wait a whole two weeks until March 28th. 


This expansion looks to be major, with an abundance of new content available. If you don't want to sit through the whole video above, I've outlined the top new things coming to Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC. 

1. The French Army

Probably the biggest change to Battlefield 1 is the inclusion of the French Army.  EA controversially left the French out of the multiplayer portion and received backlash for the decision. The troops are recognizable by their signature blue uniforms. 

2. New Map: Verdun Heights

Verdun Heights is set during the opening barrage of The Battle of Verdun and features an uphill fight that starts in a small village and moves up to a burning forest as the French troops are pushed back. The center point of the map is a run-down church by the name of La Fontaine which proved to be a heavily contested capture point.  

3. New Map: Fort De Vaux

Located at the top of Verdun Heights. It's a close quarters, infantry only indoor map. It's very easy to get lost and disoriented in this map as many of the corridors looks similar.  

4. New Map: Soissons 

This a huge new map that includes air and land vehicles. There is a village for close combat, a field for sniping and even a mansion waiting to be destroyed.  

5. New Map: Rupture

The final map which is also probably the most visually striking. On this map, the majority of the fighting takes place in a year-old trench network that has been overgrown by poppies. On the opposite side of the map there is a huge bridge to be captured as well as a railway station. 

6. New Operations Mission: Devil's Anvil 

This Operation features Verdun Heights and Fort De Vaux. Set in February 1916 it sees the Germans pushing through Verdun Heights in attempt to reach the top and take out the French troops. 

7. New Operations: Beyond The Marne 

We get to see huge battles featuring air and land vehicles.  This operation includes lengthy and epic battles throughout Soissons and Rupture. 

8. Frontlines Mode

Described as a cross between Conquest and Rush. Each round of Frontline includes several objectives and takes place in smaller areas of each of the four maps. The center of the map is an unclaimed point that both teams must race to and capture. 

9. Assault Tank Gun

This French tank monster was one of the most heavily armored tanks of the War. Four machine guns are located around the tank and it's nearly impossible to destroy. 

10. Behemoth Tank

This tank is awarded to the losing side during Conquest matches. It makes the Assault Tank look like a baby.  It stands as the largest operational tank ever made. 

11. Trench Raider Elite Class

The Trench Raider is dressed head-to-toe in heavy armor and best used in close combat where he can kill people in one swift swing of the raider club. 

12. Siege Howitzer Stationary Gun 

A field gun which acts like a giant mortar.  It's great for people who like racking up cheap kills. 

13. RSC 1917 For The Medic Class 

A standard medic rifle that comes with or without a scope. This weapon deals heavy damage when hitting your target, but the fire rate and accuracy seems to be lower. 

14. Chauchat For The Support Class

Its curved magazine contains 20 rounds allowing you to afford missing a few times. It comes with a scoped version if you prefer to provide cover fire. 

15. Lebel Model 1886 Sniper For Scout Class

It comes in a standard infantry style or a telescopic sight.  Great for one-shot kills.  

16. Ribeyrolles 1918 For Assault Class

A standard automatic carbine. It's accurate laying down, but otherwise pretty unremarkable. 

17. Sjogren Inertial For The Assault Class

A Swedish-made semi-automatic shotgun.  This gun absolutely shreds enemies at close range.  

18. The Nail Knife For Melee 

Exactly what is sounds like. It's basically a big long nail designed for short stabs. 

19. Cogwheel Club For Melee

The Cogwheel Club is your standard club with a cogwheel attached to the tip for extra murder power. 

20. The Trench Fleur For Melee

Basically the Nail Knife but with a belt loop shaped like a snake head. 

21. The Raider Club

Exclusive to the Trench Raider Kit. It's the most powerful melee weapon of the new ones.  

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