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Is Sony Planning To Follow Microsoft With Self-Service Refunds for Digital Games?

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In a recent move, Microsoft has announced they will allow customers to process a self-refund on games purchased within 14 days AND under 2 hours of gameplay.

"You’ve spoken; we’ve listened. In support of offering gamers the freedom of choice, we’re making changes to the Microsoft Store purchase experience by offering customers a simple way to instantly return digital products like games and apps through account.microsoft.com." - Microsoft

This is a huge move on Microsoft's end in the competitive console space. I personally have been burned on games, and wished I could get a refund immediately.  

No Man's Sky and Watch Dogs 2 are two games I couldn't play more than an hour. I even attempted to get a refund on Watch Dogs 2 but was denied. I ended up deleting it entirely from my console, less than an hour played and $60 gone.  

Sony should follow suit if they are going to win the console war and here's why:

Allowing refunds on games puts tremendous pressure on gaming studios to produce quality content. If the games are rushed and glitchy, there will be a ton of returns. Since PS4 has exclusive games, this guarantees that the games will be of superior quality. 

Xbox One also has exclusive games, but not nearly as many as PS4 and not nearly as great. If all PS4 games going forward are top-notch, that reason alone is enough for Sony to win this war.  

The topic of PS4 self-refunds has recently picked up mass attention on Reddit, garnering over 48k upvotes and 2k comments within the Playstation community.   

We've seen Sony copy Microsoft in the past. Custom soundtracks, paying for online and party chat are just a few examples. Considering the outpouring by Sony fans, could this be their next move?  

If you agree, please share this article and let Playstation know how you feel. 

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