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Gilmore Girls vs. Grey’s Anatomy: Which is more binge-worthy?

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Binge-watching is all everyone is doing this turn of the century. Why make yourself wait a full week to find out what is going to happen in the next episode, when you can just wait until the season is over and watch every episode back to back in a matter of 2, maybe 3 days?

And services like Netflix and Hulu certainly aren’t making it any better, with both services coming out with their own shows, and deciding to release entire seasons at a time instead of episode by episode release like those silly little corporate networks.

Choosing a show to binge watch is a very important decision. This is a show that you are going to dedicate nearly 50 hours of your life to. You are going to risk your school work, your employment status, and your mental health, all for a TV show. Choosing a show is a very delicate process. Which show is worth risking it all for? 

Here we have two very different shows, but both special in their own way. Gilmore Girls tells the story and Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, a mother and daughter duo living in a small town in Connecticut filled with a very colorful cast of characters.

Lorelei runs a quaint little bed-and-breakfast, while Rory journeys from a top private high school to the prestigious Yale University. The show follows along their journey of school, business, boys, and not to mention the very extravagant couple that is Emily and Richard Gilmore.

Gilmore Girls is a perfect show to binge watch because it is relatable. You can sit down with your mom, your friends, or by yourself and completely throw yourself into the world of the Gilmores. You end up feeling like you are there with Rory and Lorelei sitting at Friday night dinner.

However, the show is quite fast paced, with both Rory and Lorelei basically talking at the speed of light. Add on half of their sentences being pop culture references from before most of us millenials were born, all equals to being very overwhelmed several episodes in. A binge-worthy show is easy and allows you to flow freely from one episode to the other.

On the other side of the coin is Grey’s Anatomy. The wonderful medical drama telling the story of a group of doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. The characters range from head of surgery, to newly interned med students. The show follows along the journey of much more than just surgeries. Family drama, relationships, and character death after character death. 

*Spoiler Alert: A lot of people die in this show.*

Grey’s Anatomy is a great binge watch because it is much better to watch the entire series at once rather than one episode a week. A lot happens in a single season, so in order to truly be able to remember every relationship, every death, and every new position a doctor is in. 

However, Grey’s is a very dark and emotional show, and binge-watching all episodes is a lump sum amount of time. I’ve heard several counts of people binge-watching Grey’s and not able to leave their beds for a few days because they are too emotionally wrecked by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show.

So which one is the better choice for your Friday night binge-session? It’s tough to say. If you want a fast paced dramedy that can make you feel every emotion in one single season while also getting caught up in really old pop culture, then I say go for Gilmore Girls. If you want to really get in touch with your emotions while watching doctors do everything but being a doctor, then Grey’s Anatomy is right up your alley.

My choice: Grey’s Anatomy. While there are several overlapping stories going on throughout the series between all the doctors, it’s a much better binge-watching show than Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls you can spread out a little and still have a grasp on the show. Grey’s Anatomy, you are much better off watching it all at once if you really want to appreciate the show.

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