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4 Things That Need To Happen In Order for Grey's Anatomy To Survive

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Grey's Anatomy is a cult classic. No one is trying to argue that it isn't.

But I think most of us can agree that after 13 seasons, the show just isn't what it used to be. 

In order for the show to get to where it used to be, some things need to happen.

1. Stop Toying With Merlex

It's something that has been brooding over fans since Christina left. We know that they are the new "person" for each other, but that's about all we have seen this season from them. 

Every episode it seems like something is going to happen, but then it doesn't. 

Their friendship is one of the only things left on the show that gives the show any sort of excitement. Give us more, it's the least you could do.

2. Stop bringing in new characters, and focus on the ones you have

It feels like every time I come online, a new person is joining the show. Maggie's mom has been on maybe 5 episodes? And has a more compelling storyline than at least half the cast. 

Where has Alex been since being released from prison? Why are they dropping the ball on his storyline with Jo? 

And what about Arizona? The only thing she's done this season is deal with Eliza. She deserves better.

Instead of bringing in new characters (and giving them terrible storylines), why don't you give a little attention to the characters you already have on the show?

3. End Amelia and Owen once and for all

Okay, Shonda, I get what you're trying to do with Amelia and Owen. You're trying to show that normal couples fight, and it's a part of relationships.

But that's all they do. They fight, they run away from each other, then they get back together to fight some more.

And Amelia throwing Christina in Owen's face? Not cool. 

The "couple that constantly fights" plot line has been done to death. Just end them already.

4. Just give us something to leave us hanging on the edge of our seats

I hate to say it, but I would kill for a bomb threat or hospital shooting this season.

Something, just something, to give us a little suspense. 

All we've had this season is Alex's arrest, and anyone who has watched television before knew that they weren't going to send him away for 10 years. 

I understand that they wanted to focus on patient backstories this season, but you can't rely so heavily on patient stories for a whole season.

This show is amazing, and when you love a show, you should be all to tell it to be better.

So Grey's, be better. Please.

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