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All the Reasons You Should be Playing Hearthstone Wild

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Wild is a mode that is vastly underrated by most Hearthstone players, but for what reason?  

Players just simply choose to avoid it. Whether it be to avoid cards such as Mad Scientist or decks like Secret Paladin, Wild is not given the appreciation and recognition that it deserves.

Well all of that is about to change. A new announcement is offering some much needed support to Wild in the form of a special Wild tournament for only the top 64 ranked Wild in May and the introduction of the first Wild Heroic  Tavern Bowl

With these two new additions to Wild, we decided to break down the top 6 reasons you should be playing Wild.

Wild Boys

Streamers and pros are looking to make a living and a name for themselves from Hearthstone, so Blizzard officially giving Wild support and offering tangible rewards is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to attracting these kinds of players.

For the audience, they want to feel like they are playing the exact same game as their favorite players, and now with Wild, they are able to learn the best strategies and watch all the fun that Wild has to offer.

Plus, a healthy Wild mode helps combat public enemy #1 of the game: mega stagnation. 

With the support of Wild, this means that there is now double the number of constructed formats that people are interested in playing. This means that is significantly more to explore, discover, and experiment with. 

This also means that the number of decks being played is going to substantially increase, which will then decrease the risk of games being predictable and repetitive and gives players more of a chance to find their preferred style of playing.

Don't fear the doctor

A big reason players are turned off by Wild is because they feel they are going to get the same decks they face in the Secret Paladin/Aggro Shaman/Reno meta. Yes, I know that this was a valid concern in the past, but now we have nothing to worry about. 

The Wild card pool is now significantly larger than the Standard pool ever since the second rotation came out, and this is only the beginning. As the card pools grow, every class will gain increased access to the most power cards in all Hearthstone history.

This also means that Wild is not as expensive of a format to get into as people might think. Since you will only be playing with the most powerful of cards from each set, the proportion you need to make the deck you want will decrease over time. 

Plus the few legendaries you might need can fit into multiple slots. What could be better than that?


With Wild, you get the best Wild aggressive strategies, which all have the ability to have your opponent dead by turn 4, and you get to be the beatdown. 

With Pirate Warrior, you get the tempo and damage boost from Ship's Cannon into a Pirate pulling Patches for two pings of random damage. With Aggro Shaman, you get what it does best: Tunnel Troggs, Totem Golems, Patches, and cheap burn. With Aggressive Druid Lists, you get the exact same features as in Standard.

And the most legendary minions common to these decks? Sir Finley Mrrglton and Patches, so I highly recommend putting them at the top of your list. 

Best part? Most of these cards will be incredibly cheap to craft. 


Only thing on your mind is building a wall? Then Wild is the perfect place for you. Control lists come in two easy varieties on Wild: 

Freeze Mage: If you can play this deck in Standard, then there is very little extra work you need to put out when playing it in Wild. 

Reno Decks: For when highlander decks are more your speed. A bit pricier, but only because all of them share the core of Reno, Kazakus. 

If control is what you'e looking for, I highly recommend N'Zoth, Sylvanas, Emperor, and the dynamic duo of Reno/Kazakus.


While Combo decks are usually a very rare thing to see, there are two culprits that pop up every now and then with the best decks: Priest and Rogue. 

With Priest, there is the Inner Fire lists, which is one of the first things new players come across. These used to lack consistency, but not anymore. They have a new lease on life, and a low curve that tops out at 3.

With Rogues, they can run very similar low-curve lists with a quest package. With the Wild Caverns Rogue deck, it works just like its Standard version, but now has the twist of giving you the ability to cast Gang Up on Patches. This lets you pull 5/5 chargers from your deck for a massive burst of damage.


If you like having a buddy with you at all times, Midrange Paladin is still going to be you go-to. 

Quartermasters have been brought back to the meta in a big way thanks to the synergy of Silverhand Recruits from Lost in the Jungle, Sunkeeper Tarim, and Lightfused Stegadon. 

Yes, the core of Secret Paladin has remained the same, but now with the advent of the Finja/Anyfin hybrid lists, the amount of late-game finishing potential has increased. 

You get powerful early-game tempo options and the inevitability against the greediest of control lists.

Will you play with Wild now that Blizzard is finally giving it some recognition? Let me know in the comments. 

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